Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Not Who I Thought I was; What a Wee World Wonder!

I am an Aries through and through. This is a fact I used to tell people with pride. Proud as a peacock I would boast about my big personality, life-to-the-fullest attitude, and die-hard lucky streak in a true Aries-like fashion.
Then one day recently due to a fateful shift in the stars, it seems the Horoscope signs moved up a month. Instead of being a headstrong people person, a ram bursting and battering with pride, I was really a Pisces; the deep creative fish swimming in two directions.
I found much amusement in my own quick sense of lost identity, and the upset of others around me. The media relished in the wide-spread shock, with headlines reading: "My Life Has Been a Lie" and "You're Not Who you Thought you Were!"
Suddenly I began to laugh; it struck me as funny, and incredibly human of me to get caught up in such impermanence. I found a hidden Wee World Wonder in the freeing fact that nothing lasts forever, not even me.


  1. Tim, I think you're still that bigger than life Aries, just as I'm still that dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory Gemini. If we choose to embrace those personas, that is.

    "Astrologist (sic) Georgia Nicols -- who writes The Press Democrat's horoscope -- woke up Friday to two television stations clamoring for interviews and more than 300 e-mails filling her inbox, all with variations on the same bewildering question: "What's my sign -- really?"

    The source of the confusion wasn't hard to track. It all stems from an recent Minneapolis Star Tribune story that quoted a local astronomer pointing out that the signs of the Zodiac no longer align with the constellations they describe.

    That sparked a global media tizzy by suggesting the Zodiac calendar was seemingly in need of a major adjustment.

    "I am getting e-mails from virtually all over the world", said Nicols, a Canadian whose horoscope appears across North America. "It makes me see how attached people are to their signs."

    "This is not new to astrologers", Nicols said, "Astrologers have known about this since before the time of Christ." For millennia there have been two zodiacs, she said. In western cultures, astrologers typically follow the tropical zodiac, which is fixed to the seasons. In eastern cultures, particularly in India, astrologers use the sidereal zodiac based on constellations. The two have progressively shifted away from each other.

    All the Star Tribune article did was point out that someone born under one sign in tropical astrology may be under another sign under the sidereal variation, Nicols said.

    Practiced properly, astrologists (sic) using either method should arrive at the same conclusions, Nicols said. "Good astrology deals in truth", she said."

  2. Cheryl,

    Thank you so much for posting such an in-depth comment on this subject. It's actually me Allison (Tims assistant) who is the Aries-turned-pisces and I admit to being one of those who was quite shocked. Along with a friend of mine who called me to check for her if she was still a Pisces and admitted to having "dodged a bullet" when it turned out hers was one of the signs that didn't change.
    Tim's birthday is Frbruary 13. This makes him an Aquarius turned Capricorn.