Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forgiveness: A Freeing Wee World Wonder!

"I thought about you today, you were one of the bright spots in my life and I think it's worth saying that no matter what did or didn't happen between us, that means something."
These are the well thought-out words I wrote to a long lost friend this afternoon. In a spirit of forgiveness I broke a 3-year silence and said something that I had been carefully crafting for so long. I held my breath while my mouse hovered over the send button and closed my eyes. I realized the instant the message was gone that my words could be deleted without a glance, who was I to show up years later, shovel in hand ready to bury the hatchet?
The message came back within the hour and it only contained one word: Hugs. The Wee World Wonder, the beauty of forgiveness, is that it's just as simple as a word.

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