Friday, January 14, 2011

Rockerlifecoach's Blog: A Wee World Wonder for your reading pleasure

Meet Tim Gillette, a comrade in the crusade for positivity. He is a life-long learner and was born with a business mind. Tim was also born to help and guide people, a navigational beacon in the businesses and lives of many. After pursuing other areas of business, he is now a professional life coach, and the voice behind "Rockerlifecoah's Blog".
This blog, which I stumbled on during my daily Internet adventures, is a culmination of Tim Gillette's faith, focus, and inner strength. Each entry speaks from a heart of gentle wisdom and firm encouragement about the definition of living life.
Having struggled with severe depression, Tim has found a way to transmute personal pain into a Wee World Wonder; a light that shines for others. If you are interested in reading the blog and learning more about Tim and his work please go to:

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