Friday, May 13, 2011

Acceptance of what is: A Wee World Wonder

Driving into an incredibly large city and getting driven crazy by the traffic is something all of us dread. Yet if we think about it we are driving into a place with masses of humanity. If we are going to a place of millions why do we expect there not to be people! Acceptance of the fact that we have chosen to go to a place were there are masses of the human race going at a snails pace and that large chunks of humanity will create clogs can bring relief of the grief. Simple acceptance of what is a true Wee World Wonder. In writing the cookbook What a Wonderful World we had to accept the slow pace it took to get it right. Each recipe cooked at least 3 times. After 25 years of recipe collection from our travels I thought it would come together in a snap. Boy did I have to wrap my head around what it takes to write something well. Acceptance holding the hand of persistence will create a real Wee World Wonder and my book is truly that…take it look when you have a chance @


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