Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good Mood Food is a Wee World Wonder

You are a machine, no different from any other. A startling thought but also a comforting one. If you know how a machine works, you will be able to run it with maximum efficiency.your own body is no different than your car. If you consistently gas-up everything will run smoothly, producing the required result.
In a world so focused on getting and instant gratification, it is easy to get caught up and begin to believe that those feel-good feelings are because of some external factor, instead of just the Wee World Wonder of a well-oiled machine. In other words if you want to run flawlessly you have to eat the right fuel! Here are a few good mood foods to get you moving in a positive direction!

MILK: Milk contains Calcium and Magnesium which work together to relax your muscles and dial down adrenaline.

VITAMIN C: Many people suffer from low levels of the chemical Serotonin. Try some citrus to increase them

OMEGA 3: A lack of Selenium might be what's getting you so low. Make sure to get lots of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids found in fish and nuts.

COFFEE: Have a cup of java and become more alert. Caffeine is a stimulant that will activate your pleasure centres.

TURKEY: It's rich in Phenylalanine, an Amino Acid that converts to Dopamine in your brain.


  1. Wow! This blog is still around... Nice! :D

  2. It sure is! Also: as a follower, you are entred in a draw to win a copy of "What a Wonderful World" The vegetarian-gluten free cookbook by Tim Tentcher,creator of this blog! Contest ends June 15! Thanks so much for your interest in us!

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