Friday, January 7, 2011

A Baby Wee World Wonder: A letter to my Nephew on his First Birthday.

I remember when you were just a thought in all of our minds, a concept, an idea, a question mark. I remember when they said you were going to be a baby boy. I didn't know how they could tell that from the blur on the ultrasound, but that was you. They decided to call you Logan Rian, and I was going to be your only Aunt.
 As someone who grew up surrounded by supportive women whom I call  this very name, the thought of becoming an Aunt myself, an only Aunt, made me feel a sense of pride and responsibility. Although I didn't understand the blessed honour that it really was, until the morning I was told that you were almost here; a month early and coming anyway. I felt the magnitude of it again the first time I saw you at the hospital, so small yet so real. I feel it everytime you giggle at me wearing that silly smirk of a grin on your face as if you know we're sharing a joke.
Now the word Aunt has become a feeling of joy and love like none I've ever known. I am here to be your friend, to keep you laughing, spoil you rotten and remind you of the rare and precious family that is part of you. I will be a keeper of secrets, a protector of feelings and a fighter of fear.
You couldn't possibly understand the depth of how incredibly special you are, but as we grow together, me teaching you and you teaching me, I hope I can show you even a fraction of your priceless worth. You are one of the most profound Wee World Wonders I have witnessed thus far.

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