Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wee World Wonders and the 11:11 Phenomenon

Thousands of people worldwide have reported experiencing the phenomenon of 11:11 throughout their daily lives. It seems that as soon as you begin to notice the sequence of numbers it starts to show up more and more; especially in the years since the birth of the digital clock.
The appearance of 11:11 is meant to signify connection, affirmation and awareness. It is said that 11:11 is part of our genetic code and serves as a bridge between the knowns of human reality and the unknowns that lay beyond our existence; a doorway to each other and a path to unity. Anything that brings us together must be a Wee World Wonder. Next time you happen to see it, take a moment to send a warm thought to your brothers and sisters in love, life and spirit.

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