Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Wee World Wonder in each Season

Spring is a snugly three-year-old, a curly-haired child  who sparkles and giggles, spreading renewal and joy like pollen in the meadow. She is a youthful, carefree second chance, all who see her will succumb to a smile.
Summer is a corn-fed beauty. A beaming well-loved maiden with long golden hair, rosy cheeks and the kind of  authentic warmth about her, that fills others up and enriches their lives. At the end of her visit you will wish for her return.
Fall is a funny showman, a fireworks display of red and gold; laughter echoing in the crunch of leaves.A friendly face with an auburn-sunset smile, and cider-scented hugs.
On the outside Winter appears to be aloof; cold and collected, almost impenetrable. His pitch-dark hair and eyes tinted with ice, make him more than intimidating. On the inside though he is little more than bluster, fire and the sound of jingle bells.     
I have always thought that each individual season is a Wee World Wonder. This is perhaps because I have always seen each season as an individual person instead of just a named time period.

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