Sunday, September 26, 2010

My neighborhood turned into the Serengeti!

My neighborhood turned into the Serengeti! What a Wee World Wonder! I was doing my daily jaunt to reduce the 50 lbs I put on writing my cookbook and alas I saw an attack of Serengeti proportions. a large cat caught a bird with a tumble and carried it with a prideful saunter. This scene could be seen as obscene but it has the reality of neighborly nature abounds. Frogs in my little pond hawks flitting around as I sip my cuppa something. It is wondrous to behold. The attack cat looked just like the lions we saw lurking on our trip to Tanzania. The Serengeti is world wonder to behold. Every living step is taken for a reason of survival of the fittest. Yet this cat is plugged into the same main frame; to hunt is natural. Our everyday reality in the neighborhoods we reside is a wonder to behold to the Wee World Wonderer’s eye.   


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