Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting paid to entertain yourself is a Wee World Wonder

If you have something you really enjoy doing have you ever thought of making it a way to make cash? If you love cooking write a cookbook or create a food product you can sell at a local market. The Wee World Wonder of this is vision and that we can get paid for doing a dream. Take care not to get too spendy it will twist the dream into a nightmare. It may make lots of loot or it may make little, it may be a 5 year tax deduction. Can’t we all use paying less tax? Imagine doing something you love and at the same time giving less cash over to the tax man. Let your mind ponder and wander further and see the success of it, your love of it, the absolute joy of it…this is the Wee World Wonder of getting paid to entertain your self! This sure happened with my writing What a Wonderful World two things I love went into the writing of this book the love of learning how the sharing of food has bought the world together and the love of shared meal.


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