Sunday, March 13, 2011

Redefine Work to Find a Wee World Wonder

At the beginning of this new week, it's time for a change as we usher thoughts of  work back into our minds after the weekend. A full-blown case of the Mondays may already be setting in, as you naturally start to focus on your work and all the effort it entails.Consider this, maybe your case of the Mondays can be staved off, and a Wee World Wonder created in its place.
Your reaction to working may be due to a limited understanding of its meaning. If you view work as an obligatory task, a nuisance, or an inescapable errand that's exactly how you'll feel about it. The key to true happiness and productivity is to redefine the word altogether.
In the book Being Better Than Your Best by Danny and Marie Lena, work stands for: Willing to Offer Resources and Knowledge. When thought of in terms of this anagram, your job evolves in enthusiasm and becomes an opportunity to enrich the lives around you.

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