Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Wee World Wonder of a Sport for Everyone!

Participating in sports is one of the best activities a person can do for their body, not to mention their mind and spirit. Enjoyment of sports helps develop confident leaders with an improved body image, hunger for life and relation to others.  Sports are an incredible way to decrease blood sugar levels and cholesterol as well as a release for Hypertension and a ready source of Serotonin. What about the people who don’t consider themselves athletes, or those who have leg or knee issues? Does that mean they’ll just have to miss out on all the good things sports can offer?
Nope, that’s where the Wee World Wonder of Walking Poles comes in. Pole Walking is a European developed sport invented for everyone.  It’s as easy to do in any setting as regular walking, burns 46% more calories, improves upper body strength and has all the same great health benefits as other sports activities.
To find out more about the ways a pair of poles might benefit you, contact Sue Ricketts, a trusted friend and Sales Representative for Nordixx Walking Poles.

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