Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doodles are a Wee World Wonder:find out what yours mean

Drawing doodles without thought is a Wee World Wonder for many, a healthy activity of concentration and relaxing expression. Psychologists say it boosts memory and the ability to recall details. They also say the little pictures we create may say some things about personality.

Squares: You are a thinker who values a stable environment. focused, polite and driven always looking for the best solution.

Trees/ Flowers: You are full of life, growing and blooming and bursting with free-flowing spirit. You have so much energy that you can't seem to keep it to yourself.

Stars: You are someone with big ideas, big dreams and a big personality. Don't hold back a bit, your hopeful attitude is vital.

Hearts: You love love and with good reason. You have been lucky to find plenty, and be blessed by the serenity and the glow of it.

Ladders/arrows: You are a leader, a mover-and-shaker. Your fire and drive alone is enough fuel to bring any task at hand to completion.

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