Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wee World Wonder of the Hole in the Sack

Today I heard a story, a Wee World Wonder about three men who each were carrying two sacks. The first man was asked what he had in his sacks, and he explained that the one on his front was filled with all the bad things in his life, and the one on his back held all the good. The man had his focus on the negative, and it went out in front of him wherever he went.
When the second man was asked the same, he said that the one on his back was for the bad, and the one in front was filled with good things. Although the second man was focusing on the positive, the sack on his back was still very full and heavy.
The third man had a sack in front of him that was bursting with good things, but the sack on his back was empty. There was a big hole in it, and all the bad things fell right out!

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