Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sheng Chi: A Cultural Wee World Wonder

When I feel extremely happy, I get the urge to get up and walk quickly around the room and snap my fingers. I do this sometimes without really even thinking about it, as if I simply cannot contain myself. The Chinese call this feeling of joyful lightness Sheng Chi. In English that means "upward moving energy."
You will know the Wee World Wonder of Sheng Chi floating around when you take a walk on the beach and let the waves rush over your toes, or in a bright airy room that smells like summer.
The experts say this is the only kind of energy you should surround yourself with, and that promotion of positive energy is easier than it looks and does not require a deep understanding of the Chinese principles of Feng Shui. Check out this cool list of tips for creating a home full of good vibes.

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