Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Wee World Wonder of Christmas Here and Abroad

There is a magical something about this time of year; no matter which traditions you hold dear this holiday, they are all a Wee World Wonder in their own unique ways. Here are some cool Christmases from around the world:


~Greeting cards are sent to friends and family as a way of reaching out and getting in touch during a time of year that is about togetherness.

~The province of Nova Scotia is known worldwide for its fir and pine Christmas trees. Many people decorate these handsome trees in their homes.

~Many Canadians participate in a cookie exchange. Pick your favourite kind, bake them and trade them with a group of friends to get a variety.


~The nativity scene was made popular in Italy in 1223 by St. Francis Assisi. Many Italian families have this representation of the Christmas story in their homes.

~On Christmas Eve nobody eats until the big feast which takes place after Midnight Mass.

~An old custom has the children go out caroling dressed as Sheppards.


~India's celebrations of Christmas are significantly smaller than those of the rest of the world due to many diverse beliefs there.

~Instead of decorating a Christmas tree, it's more common to decorate a banana or mango tree.

~The "Christmas Baba" delivers gifts to children by horse-and-cart.


~Down under, Christmas takes place during kids' summer vacation.

~When Santa arrives in Australia,  they say he lets his reindeer have a rest; while he employs the help of kangaroos.

~Christmas Bush is a native Australian plant. Their creamy white flowers turn flaming-red just in time for Christmas, making them a popular decoration.

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