Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dreaming is a Wee World Wonder

In Websters Dictionary, a dream is defined as: "A sequence of sensations, images and thoughts passing through a sleeping person's mind." Here, we call them a Wee World Wonder.
Dreams have existed for about as long as us humans. We have been diligently studying them since 4000BC. As well we should be, they say people spend about 6 years of their lives in a dream. Everybody dreams for an hour  or two every night, this amounts to about 4-7 dreams. If you can't remember that's probably because five minutes after waking up you have already forgotten half of your dream. After 10 minutes, it's 90% erased, absorbed back into your unconscious to become part of the unmanifested once more.
In the world of dream research, there is a question that has been up for great debate for some time now.
"Do we dream in order to sleep or sleep in order to dream? Research shows that when deprived of the dream stage of sleep people tend to be quick-tempered and full of anxiety. There is no question that when dreaming we are revitalizing ourselves, physically and mentally.
The ability to remember your dreams is a valuable skill that can help you assess and deal with many hidden thoughts and feelings. Before you fall asleep tell yourself that you will remember your dream. Doing this will plant the seed of suggestion in your brain and has actually been proven to work. You can also try writing down or recording your dream as soon as you wake up, or laying still in bed for as long as you can after your dream.
Sleep tight everybody, happy dreaming to all!


  1. Nice post. I keep a notebook and pen on the nightstand so I can try to write down what I was dreaming before I forget. When you go back later and read the dreams it can be quite interesting and insightful.

  2. Although I've always been completely facinated by dreams, I have never tried this method and think I might.
    If you are interested in the world of dreams and haven't seen the movie Inception yet, it might become one of your new favourites.

    ~Allison and Tim