Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time is a Wee World Wonder!

Often you'll hear people saying negative things about time. They look back on it with some sense of melancholy, however small it is, and begin to list the things they've lost. From hair to boyfriends. or they dread and resent it, holding their breath and squeezing their eyes closed as it slips by. People see the bumps, the bruises and the scars, and they forget to focus on all the rest, everything else that time has done. Brought us and taught us. Time is not fear or foreboding. Time isn't a person, and should never be measured or defined by those who move through our lives quickly, destined for other paths. Time is not pain, and although there is loss, time is not for suffering. Time is not a wrinkle, time is a Wee World Wonder!

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