Sunday, November 7, 2010

Simplifying Meditation: An uncomplicated Wee World Wonder

Meditation; A big word that doesn't rhyme with intimidation for nothing. Even the dictionary explains it with few words, most of which are either too fancy or too vague. That's if anyone broaches the subject in the first place, because that stuff is just for religious people, or silly old ladies who do it to see the futuure....right? Nope, wrong! Everybody is a human being and every human being alive is out here learning the same lessons, armed with energy, a brain and a mind. Meditation is just knowing how to relax and focus these elements. Listen to this simple explanation and application of this information by Michiael Patrick Bovenes. Open your mind when you hear this, what happens when you do, that is the Wee World Wonder of it all. If this is a topic that interests you, you may also find wonder in The Power of Now, a revolutionary read by Eckert Tolle.

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