Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Wee World Wonder that is Falling Asleep!

As I fall asleep I like to dissect the bed in my mind. First I think about the cool easy softness I'm laying on,how it conforms to my shape as if it knows me very well. the forgiving comfort of my pillow and an all night hug from blankets, warm and familiar like my mother's touch. Then I think about the darkness all around me, concentrating on it's elemental nothingness, but not fighting it or asking it any questions, because darkness is something one must just allow to be. I think about my body, I imagine that the sleep is flowing inside me, repairing the aftermath of yesterday's warfare. peace and rest are overcoming me; healing me soul first. The physical world begins to blur and melt away, and I am one with the Wee World Wonder that is falling asleep.

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