Saturday, October 9, 2010

Simply eating together is a Wee World Wonder!

Researchers suggest that having more family meals during adolescence is associated with improved diet quality during young adulthood. They also found eating family meals together during adolescence resulted in adults who ate more fruit, dark-green and orange vegetables and key nutrients, and drank less soft drinks. Frequency of family meals predicted females would eat breakfast as adults, for both sexes placing a higher priority on structured meals and a higher priority on social eating. Better exam results, a healthier diet for life, a lower risk of obesity, eating disorders and drug, alcohol and smoking addiction. These are just some of the proven benefits of sharing a family meal.
Simply eating together is a Wee World Wonder!


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  1. Interesting post, even though I am not the majority in this study. My family had dinner together every night. I don't eat vegetables, drink a lot of soda, no breakfast or healthy diet, and I smoke. I still do believe it is better to have family meals though, despite my results.