Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The love of an animal is a precious Wee World Wonder!

Right now he is sleeping in the corner purring, curled up with his head on a paw. An hour ago he was looking out the window expectantly, meowing as if to say, elated: "I see lots of stuff out there Mama!" It's hard to know anything now about the antics of an hour from now, Toby is unpredictable, mischevious and adventuresome and there's no telling what he might get himself into. I am constantly on my toes, ready to chase him up and down the stairs in the apartment building, wipe up one of his many spills or save him from the hardships of the outside world everytime he makes an escape out the open window of the basement apartment we share.
He is always there for me too, ready to make me laugh, keep me company or soak up my tears in his fur. From the moment I laid eyes on him as a tiny orange and white kitten; eager to break free from the constraints of the cat cage, I knew it would be love for life. The friendship of an animal is such a precious Wee World Wonder.

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