Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wee World Wonderful Creativity

Creativity is a Wee World Wonder. Here are some easy ways to make the best of the creative energy inside all of us:

~Change Your Perspective: There are 6 billion people living on the planet earth and every last one of them is completely unique. This means that there are at least 6 billion ways to see everything, and your way is only one of them. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is different than you and try to imagine how they would approach your task; then you will be able to see all the possibilities.

~Keep Track of Your Ideas: Inspiration is an unpredictable force that strikes at will. That means that a life-changing idea may arrive anytime, so keep a small notepad with you and be ready to write everything down. Then when you are in a creative drought you will have plenty to draw from.

~Do the Time: The brain is a machine that works on something called muscle memory. This means that the brain remembers things that it has experienced before. The more you train yourself to be creative, the easier  creativity will come.  

~Listen to Classical Music: Play some Bach or Mozart while you work; studies have shown that listening to classical tunes may provide a release of problem-solving and creative abilities.

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