Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You are Stronger Than You Think

 Had I not touched it myself, I wouldn't believe the story of how it came to be in my hand. Julia, a good friend of mine brought it with her yesterday and drew it out of a zipped pouch to show me.
"I found it on the bus, she explained breathlessly, and I could see that even she, to whom things of a strange nature seem to happen quite often thought that this was especially extraordinary.
 "There it was, on the seat right in front of me," she said breathlessly. "Right on the seat, not on the floor or anything."
At first glance, it was just the ripped off corner of a sheet of notebook paper that someone had  discarded and left behind; at second glance, it was nothing less than love and grace. It was folded over in an interesting shape and the front read: "Open Me" next to a smiley face whose smile was lopsided as if daring you to pass it by, and yet already knowing that you wouldn't.
The message was just as firm as it was gentle, and so very undeniably clear.
"You are stronger than you think."...What a Wee World Wonder, these seemingly random reminders of our worth.

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