Monday, September 20, 2010

A wonder in store

Just the other day Herman from the Canadian Tire on Stone Rd in Guelph Ontario presented a wee world wonder to me.  This wonder needs a background story.
We are avid canoeists and last year we had 6 kl of portages and had to go over 15 beaver dams. At one of the dams (damn it) I got leaches. To say the least it was a challenging excursion!
This years jaunt I promised my favourite Nancy (my wife) an easy trip. The ease was to come from an electric motor purchased from the above establishment. The staff advised me on what to buy stating I could return the merchandise any time if things do not work out as I was iffy about breaking canoeist protocol opting for a plastic push of a propeller rather than the paddle. We proceeded to go off on our adventure after testing the motor for 2 hours… a lovely glide on a local lake.
On the day of our 11 hour paddle into Kilarney Provincial Park we hooked up our little plastic push with easy breezy thoughts of the day head. But alas the motor was too heavy in the weeds and snapped the transom in 2 minutes flat!
My ego smashed as I hold the motor from sinking into the green mess below. To say the least I was not pleased. After 3 hours paddling and a short portage Nancy was in tears thinking we would never reach our pre booked camp site. But alas we did and had a great trip after accepting our paddling fate.
On getting home I brought the motor back and the staff would not return it. Keeping my cool I asked to speak to the manager to circumvent protocol that seemed unnecessary.  
Then I met Herman and he was so gracious hearing my story and took back over $600 of merchandise despite cooperate policy. It was his listening heart that made it a wee world wonder for me. I am a die hard Canadian Tire Merchandise Fan Man but mostly a fan of Herman’s kind understanding way.


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