Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A wee world wonder I came across this summer is a women named Petrona.

A Wee World Wonder I came across this summer is a woman named Petrona.
She lives in a small village; in a place that is a piece of heaven…Lake Attilan is in the town of  San Jose in Guatemala. How she lives her wonder is in how she touches the community around her. She had a little shrine that the locals come to, but it was her presence they had really come for. An empowered woman giving herself to those around her out of love, and not for anything else. Petrona's presence is something that we want the world to know about. A young Anthropology student introduced us to her. She got to know her this summer during the 2 months she was there. Petronas wonderful presence changed this young woman as these wee wonders can.


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