Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Play is a Wee World Wonder that we all can do everyday

Play is a Wee World Wonder that we all can do everyday. Enjoying life and relaxing is so important. There is research proving that free play helps us during childhood. Look at the documentary Lost Adventures of Childhood. The researchers in England found that parents that stealth manage their children will cripple them, forcing them to fear the experience of danger. If we do not experience risk and danger we can’t grow and learn how to deal with real life issues that we will be confronted with  later in life. Imaginative play helped the children in the study do better in the classroom. All the researchers did was put objects like cardboard boxes and cloth in the playground. The parents were worried about the kids strangling themselves with the cloth in the playground... see how over protection cripples. We have to play more and this is proving that play is a wee world wonder. We can learn by having fun just as easily as by slaving over some job or studying till we are weary. Even as adults are we not too serious about life at times? Play helps us grow but it has to be imaginative play. Check out best of Whose Line is it anyway?  on Youtube and see how having imaginative fun can rock our world. Let’s get creative in the fun we do. These small things can change us and the world around us. Enjoying eachother and laughing together from the belly helps create small wondrous realities!


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